Fair Menu

The first Friday after Saint Luke’s Day, around October, the October Fair is celebrated in Elizondo (Usually the last weekend of the month. The Friday called Nekazari Day
(Day of the Farmer) there is an animal fair which includes cows, sheep and horses, all interesting to see. In addition, throughout the town you can see stands selling articles or souvenirs. The restaurants in the area offer a special menu for the October Fair on that day. It consists of garbanzo beans with cabbage, black beans and as the main dish,dove stew, large steak, or codfish.


Spring Menu

We create this menu to celebrate the arrival of spring since the cold weather has departed and nature gives us fresh products such as the first peas, new potatoes, fresh asparagus, fresh garlic shoots and our local Boletus black mushrooms in omelettes.


Slow Food

Our restaurant is listed in the new Slow Food register. Slow Food consists in
Foods that is prepared with care in our slow cooking stoves, without rushing.
These foods are also to be enjoyed in that way. “Platos Kilometer 0” are made with fresh ingredients that come from local markets without travelling more than 100 kilometres, Navarra olive oils, vegetables from our garden, rice from Navarra and meats and fish from local fresh markets. Navarra wines.
Our specialty dish is the “cuajada” sheep milk pudding made in the traditional way with red hot burning rocks as it has always been made. It is served with a tasty scorched milk taste. We conserve the traditional recipes and use ecological products that make the dishes healthier and nourishing

Game Menu

From October 30 to November 29.

Check the menu of this year here.


Country Menu

For those with tastes of our grandparents, creators of our cuisine, we make a sampling of the traditional dishes and current dishes. We use fresh ingredients from nearby making the dishes nourishing and most important of all much more delicious.
The country flavours enhance our bean dishes, sausages, pigs feet, “txuri ta beltz” blood pudding, home raised chicken and also roast pork that we cook in our wood burning oven.


Intolerance to Gluten Menu

In our menu we also offer the possibility of tasting dishes prepared without gluten which can be tolerated by people with gluten allergies or celiac syndrome.

The are noted on our menu with an asterisk (*)



Posada Elbete

Enjoy our dinning room service which seats sixty diners. From our menu of the day to our special Reckrea menu, our ample selection of dishes awaits you along with choices of delicious homemade desserts to end your meal. For dinner you may select from our combination plates, small portions or sandwiches.

The type of cooking that Belen creates is seasonal and traditional.
Her warm salads are a highlight, crepes, meats, fish and grilled meats in the
Wood burning ovens. Her homemade desserts are made fresh daily. If you mention ask previous to coming to dine, her homemade sheep milk pudding will be prepared in the traditional old fashioned way using hot rocks to boil the milk giving it the traditional flavour called “kizkilurrin” (scorched milk flavour). All this includes our warm Navarra, Rioja and other regional wines that are on the menu. We also offer our “pacharan” Hawthorn or wild plum liquor which surely would be a great excuse to continue the enjoyable after dinner conversation at the table.

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