Why book through our webpage?

Welcome Gift

  • By booking 4 or more days through our webpage, you will receive a special token from our area.
  • In addition, we will personalize your stay and draw up a travel plan, so you don’t miss out on anything.
  • We will welcome you with organic, handmade products and amenities.

environmentally sustainable accommodation

We recycle and compost. We have double paned, energy-saving efficient windows, pressure reducers in our faucets to save water, LED technology lighting, individual thermostats in all the rooms’ radiators…

WE RECYCLE HERE: Enjoy our surroundings and make it possible for others to enjoy them in the future.

  • Help us recycle. We are happy to inform you that this establishment you have chosen to relax in is part of the area’s SUSTAINABLE TOURISM NETWORK. We take care of our environment, trusting in proper waste management and ask that you separate your rubbish. For this purpose, you are provided with containers for organic material or compost (brown container), lightweight packaging and plastic (yellow container), paper and cardboard (blue container) and glass (green container).
  • In addition, having chosen a rural establishment for your stay, please contribute to the local economy’s circulation in the following ways:
    • Shop in our local shops
    • Drink and dine in our bars and restaurants
    • Participate in our events and activities
  • Along with enjoying wonderful experiences, you are helping maintain the villages alive, supporting sustainability and encouraging the local economy. Thank you

Conditions of cancellation and reservation

In order to formalize the reservation, one night’s payment must be made. The room will not be reserved until this amount is received.

The client reserves the right to cancel their stay at any moment, as well as to a refund of payments made, with the following exceptions:

  • Cancellation of the reservation with one-week notice (7 calendar days) has a 30% penalization of the reservation’s total amount.
  • With 3 calendar days’ notice the total amount of the reservation will be penalized.
  • Once you are staying at the hotel, if you should decide to finalize your stay before specified in the reservation, the establishment reserves the right to charge the total amount of one night’s stay.

The recommended check-in time is between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

All reservations must be confirmed by the establishment in order to be formalized.